About us

Punk is not dead. It never was. But never was it more valuable than it is today, at a time when buying a roll of toilet paper is causing a value discourse. While in the trash can in front of the supermarket, a retiree is looking for food. We take that seriously and find bands who see it the same way and get to the point quickly.

We do what we like.
Nous faisons ce que nous voulons.
Radimo ono što želimo.
Vi gør hvad vi vil.
Ni faru tion, kion ni volas.
Wy dogge wat wy wolle.
Κάνουμε ό, τι θέλουμε.
אנחנו עושים מה שאנחנו רוצים.
Déanaimid an méid is mian linn.
ac yn y blaen:
Punk, pankas, pönk, do punk, แพศยา, パンク, панк