Dirt Box Disco: New CD, new Tour & new Video

Dirt Box Disco, the masked punkrock show from the Midlands (UK), is officially conquering Germany. „HOORAY, HOORAY, it’s Dirt Box Day“, is the battle cry of their British fans. So the title of the CD and tour is HOORAY! HOORAY!, of course. On September 28th! HOORAY! HOORAY! is released with 12 blasts, mostly under 3 minutes, on colored vinyl and a Limited Edition CD. In mid-October they board the German stages. Who does not believe yet but seriously wants to believe: this is what will happen!

Concert Calendar at Facebook

This video was edited using fan footage mostly made by phones, from Rebellion 2018 and other concerts. The video was made by “Dressing Room und Söhne” who became massive DIRT BOX DISCO fans while cutting the video. Many thanks to all those people who have sent us the video footage and to those who made their own versions of My Life Is Shit.


Special thanks to: Daniel’s Nephew, Alice ‘n Alex, Teresa Paul ‘n Sukey, Julie, Lee Whiteley, David Eley, Douglas Waterson, Karl Barratt, John MCGowan, Daniel Prince, Caroline Watkins, Frosch, Kris Egger, Mario de Bache, Laura Barkworth, Louise Sadler, David Potts, Dave Harling, Samson, Ron Ashworth, Graham Cooper, Dan Cole, Laura Roberts, Christiane Meyer, Mark Sherriff, Anthony Fitzpatrick, Laura Barkworth, G Farrell, Yvonne Wenzbarth, Kevin Rumley and Gray Hough.